TR-P with Emotions Management Process

Release Trauma & Emotions without Years of Therapy with TR-P & EMP

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Service Description

TR-P & EMP are non-therapeutic methods that help you heal from traumatic events and life hurts that negatively impact your life. With advancements in neuroscience, we’ve learned that PTSD, Panic Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, and Depressive Disorders are not psychological; they are neurological conditions that link emotions to events or circumstances. We view them as injuries, and injuries can heal. Emotions can become attached to a traumatic event or a significant emotional event. Our goal with TR-P and EMP is to detach the emotion tied to the memory so that you can be set free and move on with your life. The Trauma Resiliency Protocol (TR-P) and Emotions Management Process (EMP) are brain-based methods used to develop subconscious resiliency skills and create new neural pathways in the brain. TR-P and EMP, at their root, are simplified forms of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The TRP technique involves a process we call sight, a sensory separation that will separate the emotions from memory visually and kinesthetically through a dissociation process. TR-P allows the amygdala of the brain to remove the trauma’s stored response. From there, the memory is moved and stored in the hippocampus, where it belongs. Once you clear the incident’s emotions, it becomes just another long-term memory without the visceral feeling. Many individuals report an exponential decrease in their symptoms associated with trauma. With the Trauma Resiliency Protocol (TR-P) and the Emotions Management Process (EMP), neurological connections can be severed relatively quickly and painlessly. The process allows the brain to make changes on a subconscious level without feeling the enormity of the emotions. The emotions associated with traumatic memories such as anger, sadness, fear, terror, helplessness, shame, hurt, grief, abandonment, or any emotion perceived as negative can be identified at the root cause, reframed, and let go of. This process will help your nervous system get out of the disease-driving sympathetic state of “fight or flight,” where stress chemicals are on a constant fire, and into the healing parasympathetic state of rest. This is where true healing happens! Even if you do not have PTSD or sub-clinical trauma, the Emotions Management Process can be highly beneficial in clearing negative emotions and beliefs tied to memories that impact you and keep you from being the best version of yourself.

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